Salters Scene: Mayor de Blasio And Frist Lady McCray Host Halloween Extravaganza (Photographs)

By Udo Salters

Friday evening Mayor De Blasio and First Lady McCray held a Halloween Extravaganza at Gracie Mansion in NYC.

The duo were great hosts in their superhero costumes of Wonder Woman and Clark Kent/Superman

Families from the five boroughs were invited to Gracie Mansion for the Halloween party which included a tour of the haunted Gracie Mansion. Children dressed up in their costumes  cautiously walked around and through Gracie Mansion doing their best not to be scared.

Attendees at the party were also able to take a photo with the Mayor and the First Lady. The weather was perfect for a fun night at Gracie Mansion.

Photo credit: 1) First Lady McCray and Mayor De Blasio 2) Cayden 3) Atmosphere 4) Atmosphere.

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