Salters Scene: J & R’s MusicFest 08

By Derrick Salters

You gotta love summer in New York City, from Harlem to Houston!There is always something going on! On Thursday, August 21, 2008, J&R Music and Computer World had it going on with its FREE kickoff concert for the 3-day MusicFest concert series in City Hall…

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(press the orange button at the bottom to here Andy Caldwell’s new song ‘Universal Truth‘).

Solange, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child and Academy Award Nominated actor Terrence Howard all performed.Sonlange took the stage first around 5pm , after being introduced by the concert’s host WBLS’own Ann Tripp.Solange ripped through her songs both old and new.The crowd loved it and joined in when she sang “I Decided.” After a short pause, Michelle Williams performed with her two male dancers and sang her heart out on “The Greatest.”The ladies in the audience eagerly waited for Mr. Howard to take the stage.However, it would be after a set adjustment and a performance by new recording artist Chosen Wilkins.With night fallen on this gorgeous summer day, Terrence introduced his first song “Shine Through it” by letting everyone know that he was there to inspire.He definitely inspired some women in the audience to say “YES TERRENCE” when he sang “Will You MarryMe.” The combination of story telling and soulful singing captivated the crowd and left them wanting more.

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The concert series was created after September 11th to encourage people to go back down into the lower Manhattan area.Additionally, there will be Tech Expos in the J&R specialty stores filled with free classes, seminars, and new product demonstrations.

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