Salters Scene: Harlem’s Hoodwinked Escape

By Udo Salters

In August, Hoodwinked Escape opened its doors to the media to experience the group activity that has become very popular.

Five representatives from different media outlets, were grouped together to escape the Harlem themed room. We were told that we had a set number of clues that we would receive via the walkie-talkie. We were given an initial clue to get us started and were told that we had to find something special in the room in order for the door to open.

Once we received all of the initial instructions, our first clue, and the walkie-talkie the Hoodwinked Escape staff member set the timer on the wall for 60 minutes.

She walked out of the room and locked the door. No need to be alarmed, as there is a panic button in the room if you need the door opened for an emergency and there is a camera in the room so that Hoodwinked Escape staff can keep an eye on things.

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After struggling with the first clue for a while, we got the ball rolling. Although we walked in the room as individuals, we were working as one team to get out of that room.

There were 10 minutes left on the clock when after some confusion, a few foul words, and a lot of teamwork we found the main object and escaped the room.

Feeling very good about ourselves we snapped some pictures and walked into the sunset. Hoodwinked Escaped is a great opportunity to do something different.

It’s an activity that will make you think, laugh and have a good time. It is great for date night, family fun, friends get together, company team building or just some media folks meeting each other for the first time.

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Definitely take a look at the website to see what they have going on like the rumored special Halloween Haunted house.

Photo credit By Udo Salters. 1) Hoodwinked Escape Founder Michele Ware.

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