Safer Alternatives To Cigarettes And Nicotine From Harlem To Harare

August 9, 2021

In this age of globalization and digital literacy, it should come as no surprise that everyone is aware of the harms of cigarettes. From lung cancer and heart disease to chronic asthma and diabetes, consistent smoking is a definite way of acquiring an array of long-term diseases. The damage primarily results from addiction, and nicotine is to be credited for the buzz that causes people to repeat cigarette consumption. So, what if you could have the dopamine rush without the added side effects of nicotine and the danger of cigarette smoke? Nicotine free chew tobacco is one of the best ways to ensure it. Other options include e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Why Should You Discontinue Nicotine Consumption?

Legally categorized as a stimulant, nicotine affects your brain and body in various ways by triggering chemical reactions. These include the initial high, which is the product of adrenaline and dopamine release. However, after this short-lived sensation, side-effects such as decreased appetite begin to manifest. For people who are borderline healthy or underweight, sudden weight loss can send their bodies into starvation mode. Nicotine consumption can also trigger severe difficulty in breathing and further contribute to lung diseases such as emphysema and cancer. There are CBD gummies for sale available, which can be a suitable alternative to nicotine-based tobacco products. 

Other short-term problems that nicotine users report entail sleeping difficulties and restlessness. They have troublesome experiences with insomnia or tend to oversleep through their responsibilities. A general sense of fatigue coupled with intense cravings makes addicts dizzy and weak throughout the day until they take another dose.

How Is Chewing Tobacco a Better Alternative?

Many people turn to chew tobacco as a transitional goal to help them with addiction. One of the primary reasons why it is safer is because it is smokeless to use. Cigarette smoke, with its millions of carcinogens and irritants, is a recipe for disaster. It comes from burning tobacco leaves that are often grown artificially and with fertilizers. These contain radioactive materials that are hazardous to humans. Smoke also irritates lung cavities and passageways, triggering bouts of cough. Besides, it has the potential to turn your families and friends into sick passive smokers.

Chewing tobacco eliminates these significant hazards by being edible and smokeless. Fortunately, to deal with nicotine addiction, you can get it in nicotine-free zero-grade versions. It allows you to participate in the tradition and continue the enjoyable experience without depending on it for your sustenance. For added refreshment, these products are often flavored. Once you discover your favorite one, you can enjoy the burn and stay safe from the multiple hazards of cigarette smoke and nicotine. Besides, you do not have to buy several packs and carry a lighter around, as cigarettes demand. It makes it more convenient and feasible to consume.

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What Are Other Alternatives to Nicotine?

 You can also turn to other alternatives if you want to satiate the nicotine cravings and reduce the addiction. Some experts prescribe nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges. Although they eliminate the cravings, they may have side effects like nausea, allergy, and hiccups. It is crucial to evaluate your options before deciding the alternatives that work best for you.

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