Roger Moore’s James Bond Chase Scene In Harlem (Video)

Earlier today, the world learned Sir Roger Moore had died at the age of 89.

So in honor of the actor and his lengthy career as James Bond, we at Harlem World Magazine found a video of a car chase from the Roger Moore Bond in Harlem…complete with our favorite wisecracks.

Check ‘it out the Live and Let Die, 1973, below:

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Bond gets tailed uptown to Harlem by some bad brothas. An odd mix of 1970s New York street scenes, a look at the city when 20-foot land yachts ruled, and a display of uncomfortable racial qoutes:

“You can’t miss him, it’s like following a cue ball,” as the tail-job goes up into Harlem. And “Hey man, for an Extra $20 I’ll take you to a Klu Klux Klan Cookout!” Bond seems to think to himself: “Might not be such a bad idea…”

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