Rats, The MTA Has Decided To Raise Subway Fare To $3 From Harlem To Hollis

After considering a plan that would keep the price of a Metrocard swipe at $2.75, MTA officials have decided to recommend increasing the fare by a quarter reports the Daily News.

In exchange for an 25 cents every time you take the subway, the round-trip bonuses on Metrocards will increase from 11% to 16%.

The other option the MTA would have kept the fare at the same price, the 11% round-trip bonus on a card would have decreased to 5%.

UPDATE: An MTA spokesperson reached out to make the point that, when you factor in the additional bonus money, anyone who puts $6 or more on a Metrocard will technically only be paying $2.59 a ride said source.

Editors Note: Seems the MTA could have done a cost analysis breakdown, have a community meeting with tax payers and let the riders decide.

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