Rare “Harlem, New York City, 1964” (Video Pt2/3)

The video is filmed on a snowy winter day with a panoply of little known to legendary places, spaces and faces throughout Harlem, New York.

What’s great about the video is that it’s a window into Harlem’s past from Sign ‘Alexander Hamilton Houses” by site under construction, Luncheonette, Manny’s billiards, Little Jim’s Fish & Chip shop, Daniel’s Billiards, Rena’s French dry cleaners “stain specialist, Tower blocks, Amsterdam News newspaper headquarters and headlines, Venice Bar next to Amsterdam News office with sign in window barring unescorted women (re prostitution); “this is a Raided premises – Police Dept,” Club Baby Grand, Frank’s Restaurant, Sunset movie theater marquee showing films Shocking Paris Scandal, Blue Beard, Fury At Smuggler’s Bay & Gun The Man Down, Square Deal Market, Apollo Theatre, marquee and posters advertising Gloria Lynne, Jimmy Smith concerts, Playland games arcade, Bowling Harlem Lanes, Palm Cafe with loans company upstairs, Rudy Williams rock band advertised in window, Rhode Loans pawnshop, Club Lido, House of Hope drug addict rehabilitation center, Upper Park Avenue Baptist Church, poster for Mississipi Relief Committee for homeless, handwritten sign “The Frost Gospelaires,” Bridge of 125th Street subway station and street signs nearby, Grand Union Hotel with flashing sign and much more.

Here’s the great video:

Do you have any memmories of these locations?

Via Footage Farm

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