A Rare Ekonda Hand Woven African Botolo Hat

We saw this amazingly rare ancestral hat from the Congo, Africa on Amazon, and we had to post it, here’s the description of the piece below:

This interesting hat is a very rare hand-woven hat in a layered conical form. Tiered hat woven from vegetal fibers worn by Ekonda chiefs. One copper disk attached to the hat. Such wickerwork hats come from a number of contiguous groups living in the Congo Basin region, especially among the Ekonda, Ntumba, Bolia, Sengele and Sakata. Such wicker hats were known as Botolo, and copper discs as Losanja.

Copper alloy objects are often identified with social status or rank and this headpiece object was most probably in the possession of the local leader (Nkumu) and of important members of the men societies.

They were worn by leaders, initiates and by diviners as part of ornaments and also as symbols of status. It has one copper disc and has geometric patterns painted in white and red.

Price: $ 999.00

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