Props: Jewelry Must Haves For Summer 2021

Summer is here and in full swing with bling from Harlem to Harare!

Regardless of what your summer plans may be, adding your favorite jewelry pieces is a must when it comes to elevating that summer outfit you’ve been dying to wear.

Olivia Starling, founder, and CEO of jewelry brand Starlette Galleria, strives to highlight the importance of why you should consider going for more affordable, stylish jewelry options (that won’t tarnish) for your next summer vacation or outing.

Here are Olivia Starling’s top 3 summer accessory must-haves:

1. Rings

Traveling, the pool, going to the beach, sunscreen, and UV rays… All of these things will take a toll on your rings. Don’t act carelessly with some of your most prized possessions.

Snag a stackable band from Starlette Galleria or a simulated diamond ring.

They are made of sterling silver and plated in real rhodium or gold, so you never have to worry about your finger turning green or skin sensitivity.

2. Necklaces

Catering to the woman on the go, Starlette Galleria will supply you with necklaces you don’t have to take off. Wear them to the pool, the gym, and everywhere you go this summer.

Made of sterling silver and plated in hypoallergenic rhodium or gold, these necklaces will not tarnish or turn your skin green.

3. Travel Jewelry

You don’t have to travel far to swap out your wedding ring. Any outing where you’re apt to remove your jewelry temporarily, take the travel ring with you instead.

Make sure your jewelry is protected all summer long by leaving it at home and wearing a high-quality Starlette Galleria ring while you are on your summer adventure.

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