Professor Rants About ‘Caucasian A-Holes’ In Harlem

Patch reports that a white college professor living in Harlem raised some eyebrows this weekend when he took to social media to complain about “little Caucasian a-holes” in his neighborhood, according to reports.

Rutgers University professor James Livingston declared “OK, officially, I now hate white people. I am a white people [sic], for God’s sake, but can we keep them — us — us out of my neighborhood?” in a now-deleted Facebook post after an unpleasant trip to burger spot Harlem Shake on Friday, the New York Post reported.

According to Livingston, the restaurant was “overrun with little Caucasian a-holes,” the New York Post reported. Livingston capped off his head-scratching rant by “resigning” from the White race.

Livingston later posted that Facebook contacted him about the rant and informed him that it violated the site’s community standards on hate speech. The professor clarified in another post that his rant was not intended to be “hate speech,” but he just doesn’t want “little Caucasians overrunning my life, as they did last night,” adding “please god remand them to the suburbs.”

The professor is part of Rutgers University’s history department, according to his faculty biography. Livingston’s work includes published books such as “No More Work: Why Full Employment Is a Bad Idea,” and “The World Turned Inside Out: American Thought and Culture at the End of the 20th Century.”

The professor claims that his rant has led to people sending him “mostly hilarious email and messages” declaring him a racist and some that were threatening.

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