Police: “Harlem Man Allegedly Tortured By Girlfriend…”

harlem-torutre-firlfriend sliderA Harlem man who was allegedly burned, stabbed and trapped by his deranged girlfriend in their apartment was found with “peeling” flesh and his intestines “protruding” from his gut, according to court papers.

Myeshia Hawkins-Taylor, 41, has been charged with assault, attempted murder and unlawful imprisonment for the drawn out torture of Carlton Adams, 52.

He was found on Jan. 30 after being holed up in the apartment for over a day when his abuser called 911 for fear that he would die.

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Hawkins-Taylor was arraigned from the hospital on Wednesday and the video was fed to Manhattan Criminal Court where a judge ordered her held without bail.

In a criminal court filed against Hawkins-Taylor, graphic details were disclosed.

Police Officer Ahmed Abdrabou wrote that he found Adams “inside a bedroom with severe burns to his face and arms in that flesh was peeling off both. I also observed intestines protruding from (his) abdomen.”

A bloody knife, which was apparently used to inflict the abuse, was nearby, court papers say.

Hawkins-Taylor is accused of pouring “boiling oil over (his) face and arm while he slept.”

He awoke screaming in pain, the complaint says.

There were stab wounds to his arm, leg and abdomen and those parts of his body were leaking blood.

It was about 36 hours before Hawkins-Taylor called authorities because she suspected Adams would die.

Via NY Daily News

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