Planning To Buy A Rifle Scope? Here Are Some Useful Tips

August 10, 2021

Going to a gun store to get a rifle scope does not require many processes. However, getting the best option that will suit you can be difficult. The importance of a rifle scope is to give you better magnification and accuracy when using a rifle from a specified range. In addition, the magnification features provide you a safer way when using a gun for any activities to prevent you from making mistakes when pulling the trigger.

Most brands claim to manufacture the best rifle scopes anyone will like to use. But Despite the various types of rifle scope available in a rifle store, either as a hunter or a rifle owner, getting the best scope that fits your purpose is crucial when planning to buy. 

To ensure you buy a good rifle scope, regardless of the rifle’s price, here are some valuable tips you can consider when planning to buy a rifle scope.

1. Rifle Mount 

Before getting the rifle scope, it is essential to consider the rifle mount to ensure you get a good aim and shot. When the scope is well aligned with the gun, it provides you a good balance when shooting.

2. Magnification Range

When planning to buy a rifle scope, it is essential to consider the magnification power first. The magnification allows objects afar to appear close. Although, it might not be so effective at night. 

If you are using a powerful gun, you will need to buy a power rifle scope to provide brilliant target imagery over a long distance when using your rifle. For example, you are going on a hunt, and an antelope is sixty meters away. When you use a standard gun without the scope, you might not get the focal point correctly. But with a power magnification, the animal will appear closer and give you a higher chance of hitting the antelope.

Lower magnification like 6x gives poor accuracy and insufficient detail of the object from a far distance. Still, when you use higher magnification, like 16x, it is often not so effective in poor lighting conditions and creates a weak view. So when planning to buy a rifle scope, consider the magnification before buying any type.

3. Objective Lens

The objective lens is used for transmitting light in a rifle scope, and it is located at the end. When looking for a new rifle scope, you can go for a large objective lens as it allows more light rays to enter the scope, providing you with better performance in less bright conditions. If you want to know the objective lens of any rifle scope, check for the second number after the x. For example, when reviewing the body, you will see something like 4-6 x 42. It means that the objective lens is 42mm.  

However, the more the objective lens, the higher the image resolution will appear. Lastly, ensure the objective lens is protected with a coat like a hydrophilic or hydrophobic lens with multiple layers on the air to the glass surface to provide maximum brightness for the rifle scope.

4. Eye Relief 

When planning to buy a rifle scope, you need to consider eye relief. The reason is to avoid you from having a bruised eye after firing a rifle. Therefore, a rifle scope should have an eye relief range of about four inches to prevent scope-eye injuries. So when buying a rifle scope, check the space to ensure it is within the standard eye relief.

5. Reticle and Focal Plane

The reticle and focal plane are essential when buying a rifle scope. The focal plane is where the reticle is located in the rifle scope. When the reticles are positioned at the first focal plane, they have a constant target size and can be adjusted within the magnification range. However, if you are using a reticle located at the second focal plane, it gives you a clear image resolution within the magnification range. So if you want a rifle scope for long-range shooting, buy the one with the first focal plane reticle.

6. Turret and Adjustment 

The turret is used for windage and elevation in a rifle scope. The elevation is used for vertical adjustment, while the windage is used for horizontal adjustment in a rifle scope. So when you are planning to buy a rifle scope, it is advisable to get a scope with a turret that can be adjusted to the required firing range.

7. Warranty 

A rifle scope can have manufacturing issues at any time. So, to ensure that your money does not waste after buying one within a specific duration, it is always advisable to buy a rifle scope with a warranty attached to it.

When planning to buy a rifle scope, try to ensure you do not go for an expensive scope because of its cost. However, these useful tips will guide you when planning to buy a rifle scope for your gun.

Please use safely.

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