“How People Of Faith Can Cope With Stress” Symposium At The Abyssinian Baptist Church In Harlem

The Abyssinian Baptist Church Women’s Ministry, Chairperson, Dr. Marcella Maxwell and Co-chairs, Yamisha Chestnut and Tiffanie Claude presented a Mental Health Symposium emphasizing “How People of Faith Can Cope With Stress” recently at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

Topics included ways of dealing with stress, coping caring for an elderly parent,identifying mental health problems with children and how to find a therapist.

Presenters Sidney Hankerson, MD, Faith-based Psychiatrist, Columbia University, Terrie Williams, Author & Motivational Speaker, Reginald Nance, Associate Director AARP New York, Paula Rice, Manager African American Outreach Caringkind. The Heart of Alzheimer’s Caregiving and Kristin J. Carothers, PH.D., Clinical Psychologist Child Mind Institute.

The Symposium moderated by Cynthia D. Barnes, MD, Child Adolescent & Adult Psychologist was quite a success. Terrie Williams Best -Selling Book: “Black Pain: It Looks Like We’re not hurting” was a available at a special book signing. A Continental Breakfast and lunch was provided.

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