Packing Advice And Moving Tips From Experienced Movers

Moving home can be a very stressful time. It does not need to be so, however. At the moment, the world is in the midst of a global pandemic that shows no signs of slowing.

As of last week, we are a year in, and yet, we have just surpassed two million deaths and infection rates are at an all-time high. It is fair to say, we do not need any undue stress at the moment. Moving to a new house is stressful enough in the middle of the worst global health crisis for a century without having to worry about improper packing.

In this article, we intend on offering packing advice and moving tips, brought to you from experienced movers. We hope that this article will benefit you and will help you to streamline your move – there’s nothing worse than a move gone awry (trust me, I know).

Here are some packing and moving tips from experienced movers.

Personal Safety During the Pandemic

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It is first important to offer some friendly advice. Moving at the moment may perhaps be unavoidable, especially considering that millions are being made homeless, and millions more employed. However, moving does not need to be dangerous. You should always wear your personal protective equipment and should socially distance yourself from men and anybody else who is not in your immediate family or support bubble. Moving is stressful and while you may be tempted to forgo personal-protective equipment, do not.

Packing Effectively

Effective packing is very important when you are moving home. Packing effectively is quite complicated, actually. You will need to ensure you put everything in its appropriate box. Glass should not go un-bubble wrapped, nor should vases, or anything precious to you. Harder items should be wrapped with newspaper (bookshelves, etc) so that they do not slide around and become damaged during transit. Effective packing will not only streamline your move, but it will ensure your goods do not become damaged during the move. Pack all of your belongings with care and with forethought, never rushed.

Do It Yourself

Many homeowners or tenants moving home in the 21st-century, rather than packing themselves, hire professional packing companies to come into their homes and pack their belongings for them. Not only is this incredibly lazy, but according to the removal experts from, it is incredibly costly (and unnecessary at that). Pack your own belongings so that you can cut down on the cost of your move. Moving in and of itself is very expensive, so when you factor in paying packers to do something you could do for yourself, you will end up paying a fortune. Do yourself a favor, do it yourself.

Removal Men

When you are moving home, it is essential that you find the most professional and experienced removal men that you can. The removal men you hire will play a very large role in the move and will either make it seamless and fast or slow and chaotic. Removal men should be picked meticulously and require a fair bit of research before you commit to whisk your life away in the back of their van. Removal men should be carefully thought out and planned. Do not just rush into something without any consideration or care.

Van Hire

Some removal experts recommend, rather than removal men, that you rent a van for yourself and move your belongings. If you are up to this, then we do recommend you do it, though it can be far more expensive, and far more time-consuming if you have far to travel. Even so, give it some thought and run it past your partner or family and ask them their opinion on it. Doing it yourself can save you money if you cut down on the costs of everything else, though with that said, a van for the day can sometimes be more than removal men for two.

Enlist Your Friends and Family

We also recommend, as do trained removal experts, that you enlist your friends and family to help you move. Enlisting your friends and family in the move will save you money on removal men and will mean that your move goes a lot quicker and more seamlessly. With your family being careful and watching over your belongings, you can ensure they are safe and that nobody will be careless or damage them. Even if you just bring them for moral support, we whole-heartedly recommend you bring them along.

In this article, we hope to have explained to you a few packing and moving tips, recommended by professional removal experts. We thank you for visiting this page and we hope you will return and visit us again soon!

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