Outriders: You’re A Fool If You Haven’t Played It Yet

April 26, 2021

So, Outriders dropped the top of this month, but the only “April fools” that day were the people who didn’t get it yet. Well… at first.

Apparently, big-name creators on YouTube and like Angry Joe Show and Review Tech USA have been calling out developers because of it’s day one state. There have been updates, but this game seems to be another in the lineup of launches that happened in an “incomplete” state.

It’s arguable whether or not the game itself is great. In fact, we’d argue that you should still give it a try. It’s a concept that doesn’t try to hard to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it does well to expand on familiar ideas with original characters, a creative plot, and re-playable missions you can enjoy with friends. 

Outriders feel like the outcome of a successful date night between Destiny and The Division.

Sure, this game’s early state is a bit shaky with reports of heavy glitches, gameplay inconsistencies, and looting issues. A few players have come out with unfortunate admissions of a glitch that completely erased hours of Outriders gameplay data from existence.

Fortunately for console players, many of the issues with Outriders have been reported by PC players. Solutions are being worked out, but this is a tired trope with this generation of gaming.

Either way, this game is great and proves to be a worthy pastime for those who have yet to experience any day one issues. The guys over at People Can Fly and Square Enix cleverly mixed the third-person “peak from cover” shooting mechanics from legends like The Division and Gears games with the “my hands, they glow with power, and now that guy is dead” intensity of Destiny’s handbook.

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On top of all that, players get to choose between classes with different powers and roles.


Just as the name suggests, this is a fire-based class with attacks straight from the fire nation. Heat things right nice with this class as you dominate fights with your flames.

Heatwave is a “cool” attack that disintegrates anything trying to shoot you and not smart enough to move.


This class is unique compared to other games because your moves affect time. Get in close, teleport, slow down perceptions; it’s easily a hook for many new players.

Slow trap is an area-of-effect command that creates a space where enemies and objects inside move significantly slower than you.


With these powers, you’ll be making enochquakes left and right. (The game is set on the planet, Enoch. See what we did there? Earth…quake… You get it.) Anyway, you’ll be right under the bad guys’ chins shaking stuff up with this class for brutes.

Earthquake (missed opportunity, Devs) does precisely what you think it does. If they are close, they will no longer be close. Boom.


As you would guess by the name, this class is a bit more “strategy-planny” than the other “shplody-boom-pow” classes. You’ll be healing yourself and your teammates while dishing out damage from afar.

Fixing Wave (hilariously lazy name) will restore allies’ health, including turrets that you’ve placed on the battlefield for extra support.

Is Outriders the next big game?

We can’t say for sure. You honestly never know with these things.

What we know is that usually, games don’t “live up to the hype.” Fortunately for Outriders’ publisher, this game had somewhat of a cult following leading up to its release.

The marketing for this title didn’t incite much buzz until the demo came out about a month before release.

Because of that, the expectations for this game seem pretty low, which, in our opinion, gives them a better chance at being successful.

Without the hype raising everyone’s critical eyebrow, there’s room for players to play and enjoy the game genuinely.

Have you played Outriders yet?

Let us know either in the comments or on our social media platforms if you’ve already played Outriders. What do you think about it? We’d love to chat about it.

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Outriders was released April 1, 2021, and is playable on all major consoles and Microsoft Windows. Well…except the Nintendo Switch… No love for the Nintendo Switch.

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