Opening For Opón Ifá At Taller Boricua In East Harlem

east harlem artThis Friday, June 10 at 6pm, Taller Boricua is honored to present the opening reception for Opón Ifá.This exhibit, curated by Nitza Tufiño, features the work of Maestro Elí Barreto Talavera with an opening night performance of  “Embara Ni Okokan” La Mano que toca de Corazo / Toque de Tambor that calls for peace and harmony.

An Opón Ifá (known as La Mesa de Ifá) in Latin America, is a divination tray used traditionally in African and Caribbean cultures, notably in the Ifá and Yoruba tradition.

Opening Reception Friday, June 10 at 6pm

Artist Talk / Thursday June 16, 6pm Maestro Elí Barreto Talavera 

Admission is always FREE.

Taller Boricua Artist Workshop, Event Space and Gallery

Julia de Burgos Latino Arts Center,1680 Lexington Ave  bet 105th and 106th street in New York, nNew York,

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