Officials Plan To Remove Thrash In Riverside Park


…  Olmsteds plans for Morningside Park and Riverside Park combined parkways, and hilly bluffs … rustic park with … natural enclosures, and open vistas….

Council Member Mark Levine will join Manhattan Borough Commissioner William Castro, Department of Parks and Recreation; the 30th Precinct, NYPD; the Riverside Park Conservancy and members of the community to announce the successful implementation of a multi-pronged approach for dramatically reducing the waste left behind after heavy use of the park over the weekend.

Riverside Park is a critically important green space and a prized asset for the thousands of New Yorkers who rely on it as their communal “backyard.”

On summer weekends, people flock to the park from around the city, joining together to barbecue, play music, enjoy sports, and spend quality time with friends and loved ones. With its views of the Hudson River and many amenities, the park is an ideal space for such gatherings. These increasingly large crowds, however, have outpaced the efforts to keep the park clean and well-maintained. Residents had reported that is could take until Wednesday for cleanup crews to return the park to its original state. This mess creates a less than ideal environment for weekday park visitors, and the debris left behind risks the safety of children who play there.

After a neighborhood group formed and reached out to local officials asking for help, stakeholders including Council Member Levine, Assembly Member Farrell, NYPD, The Department of Parks and Recreation and the Riverside Conservancy came together with a plan to drastically improve the situation. Community members are already reporting these steps, which were began taking place for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, are helping ensure the park is clean every morning and ready to support the many activities and diverse communities that rely on it.

WHAT: Council Member Levine, Assemblymember Farrell, the Department of Parks and Recreation, NYPD, and the community members will announce a multi-pronged plan for improving maintenance efforts in Riverside Park.

Council Member Mark Levine
Assembly Member Herman D. Farrell, Jr. 

State Senator Adriano Espaillat
Manhattan Borough Commissioner William Castro
John Herrold, President and Riverside Park Administrator, Riverside
Park Conservancy
30th Precinct, NYPD

WHEN: Thursday, July 10th at 10:00AM

WHERE: Riverside Park Parking Lot at 149th Street
Editors note: We look forward to hearing more about these meetings and recycling budget cutting and other incentives for both business, government and constituents can solve this growing problem.

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