Officers Find Gun On Harlem Man Evading Turnstile

crime-tape-in-harlemThree NYPD officers found a gun on a man who was caught evading the turnstile at an East Harlem subway station Friday.

Around 10:40 a.m., officers Alex Almonte and Jose Garcia and Lt. Edwin Reyes, all of the Transit Bureau Anti-Terrorism Unit, were conducting a plainclothes hostile surveillance detection at the 116th Street No. 4, 5, and 6 train station at 116th Street and Lexington Avenue, police said.

They caught a 26-year-old man manipulating the turnstile to avoid paying the fare, police said.

A northbound No. 6 train pulled into the station at that moment, and the man got on, police said. The officers approached and told him to get off the train.

The man did not obey the officers’ commands, and he was handcuffed on the subway platform, police said.

As the officers handcuffed the man, they found a Ruger .380 handgun with six rounds in the magazine, police said. Police confiscated the gun and arrested the man.

Jamil Collier of East Harlem was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, theft of service, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct, police said.

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