NYUL Statement in Support Of Common Core Standards

ArvaPhotoGovernor Cuomo’s Common Core Task Force has released its final report detailing to the Governor some of the problems that have been present in the implementation of the Common Core standards. The task force, which was created to review the implementation of the standards in New York, saw Harlem-based NYUL President and CEO Arva Rice (pictured) along with a dozen or so other speakers and about a hundred people pack into the Laguardia Community College conference room for a discussion on the impact of the new standards. The Task Force has released a report detailing the comments gathered during the inquiry process throughout the state.

The New York Urban League agrees with the task force final recommendations in that high quality standards are needed to prepare all students for college and career readiness but the standards should be more tailored to the special needs of New York students.

The task force found that the aggressive attempt to have the standards in place so quickly left room for confusion amongst teachers, educators, and parents. Going forward the Task Force recommended that schools be given the right resources and time to ensure that curriculum can match with the standards.

The Task Force also addressed key areas that needed change- such as test times, nature of test questions, the flexibility of the standards, age appropriate standards, and a hold on tying test scores to the teacher assessments. The report ultimately concluded that each of these areas needed to have more influence from local districts, stakeholders, and teachers so as to be more helpful for all New York students.  

The final report  highlighted President Arva Rice’s testimony as a representation of the civil rights groups support for the standards; namely that the high standards were important bench mark to ensure that students of color did not “fall through the cracks” and that “statewide high standards help to ensure that the public education system serve low-income and minority children”. Earlier today Arva Rice mentioned that “I am very honored that the task force would use my testimony in their final recommendations to the Governor. The New York Urban League and the civil rights community are very pleased that the Task Force report took into consideration the importance of the new standards and specifically their impact on minority students”.  

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