NYRR Team Championships, Featuring The Local Running Clubs From Harlem To Hollis

The NYRR Team Championships returned on Sunday for the first time since 2019.

With the city’s top running teams racing five miles in Central Park for both bragging rights and double the points in the NYRR Club Standings.

Club teams were represented by runners of all ages and abilities from Harlem to Hollis, who together find camaraderie and a common bond through running.

Marofit Mourad of the United Mexican Runners of New York won the men’s individual title today in 24:34, Marie-Ange Brumelot of Queens Distance Runners won the women’s title in 27:34, and Jacob Caswell of Front Runners New York won the non-binary title in 26:00.

The Central Park Track Club won the men’s team title, the Brooklyn Track Club won the women’s team title and Front Runners New York won the non-binary team title.

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