NYC Health Commish Issues Water-Cooling Tower Order

cooling-tower-opera-house-hotelThe NYC Health Commissioner has issued an order to all owners of buildings from Harlem to Hollis with cooling towers.

If you own or live in a building in Harlem with a cooling tower review the following information and the steps needed to be taken:

  • You must disinfect all of your building’s cooling towers within 14 days of receiving the order in the mail.
  • You must also keep records at the building or buildings you own of the inspection and disinfection of all cooling towers. If City officials ask for these records, you must show them.
  •  If the tower was already inspected and disinfected within the last 30 days, you must maintain records of the inspection and remediation, and make them available to the City upon request.

The City issued this order because of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease in the South Bronx. Several cooling towers in the affected neighborhoods tested positive for Legionella. The outbreak has not affected the City’s drinking or bathing water; it is safe for building residents to drink and bathe with tap water. It is also safe to use home air conditioning units and to be in air conditioned environments.

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