Interview With NYC-Based Start-Up Revel EV Rideshare Comes To The Greatest Community In The World Harlem

This morning Revel, the Brooklyn-based electric mobility and infrastructure startup, has expanded its all-electric, all-employee rideshare to Harlem.

The Harlem expansion is up to 135th Street, as well as to Astoria, Sunnyside and Roosevelt Island.

Revel’s all-electric rideshare launched in August 2021 with 50 EVs in lower Manhattan.

It’s now up to 200 EVs, over 400 W2 employee drivers, and operates in three boroughs. 

Revel’s fleet is all Tesla Model Ys, which are fully electric and charged at Revel’s fast-charging Superhub in Bed-Stuy — the largest publicly-available universal fast charging station in North America.

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In addition to pick-ups and drop-offs in Harlem and the rest of the connected service area, riders can take rides to LaGuardia. JFK and Newark airports. 

The EVs and drivers are TLC registered and licensed.

The Interview:

Harlem World Magazine: Who came up with the word frunk and what is a frunk?

Revel: Frunk is not a term Revel coined. It refers to a front trunk. Tesla Model Ys have trunk storage in the back and front of the vehicle. 

HWM: What are your hours in Harlem, will you Revel be accessible 24/7/365?

Revel: Revel rideshare runs daily 5 am – 2 am.

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HWM: You have a superhub in Bedstuy, are you planning charging systems in Harlem?

Revel: We are working to expand our fast charging network to more neighborhoods. We will have more to say on new sites, including in Harlem, very soon. 

HWM: When will you be heading into the Bronx?

Revel: We’re expanding neighborhood by neighborhood, ensuring our high level of service and reliability remains consistent. Our goal is to eventually make it easy for all New Yorkers to go electric, but the biggest barrier remains the lack of EV charging infrastructure to support an all-electric fleet. That’s why a top priority for us is getting fast chargers in the ground, both for our own rideshare fleet and also to support more consumer EV adoption.

HWM: We love those Revel Blue color cars?

Revel: Green felt too on the nose. 

HWM: How do you hail a Revel cab?

Revel: Rides are hailed in the Revel app. You can find more info here:

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