NY Jets Jamal Adams Gives Out Thanksgiving Meals And Sneakers From Harlem To Houston Street

The Jet Press reports on the kind of story Harlem World Magazine love. They report that as this year’s Thanksgiving is in the books, rookie safety Jamal Adams continues to make headlines for all the right reasons. Besides his exceptional play so far this season with the New York Jets, he continues to be a role model for young kids everywhere for everything he does off the football field.

This year, Adams went all around New York from Times Square to Harlem showing and giving thanks for the continued support of fans everywhere and gave back to those that are less fortunate. Adams handed-out pre-prepared Thanksgiving meals and even gave new pairs of Jordans to those that needed it.

It’s things like these that continue to show that Adams is humble not only for his own personal success but to give back to the community. Check out the video here as Adams made this happen for New Yorker’s by teaming up with Class Act Sports and CookUnity.

In life, besides football, it’s all about giving back to those that need it. Let’s face it, there are so many people who live in Harlem, New York and all across the country that deal with being homeless and it’s not easy. Getting to meet an NFL player and also get a Thanksgiving meal goes a long way to making people feel just a bit better in such unfortunate situations.

It’s great to see Adams do something so generous as he not only has one of the top-selling jerseys in the NFL but continues to be one of the most popular players on the team Jets fans are excited to watch week in, week out.

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What did you do for Thanksgiving?

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