Nursing In Public Health: A Meaningful Career

April 19, 2021

We often go to the hospital in afflictive conditions. However, it all soothes under the benign care of nurses as you reach there.

Nurses are the first person to look at patients’ needs and lend support in a health facility. Nursing is an occupation that entails comforting and caring for the ailing with selfless devotion.

Nurses in public health are medical professionals who work in public sector organizations to care for the whole population. They provide medical guidance; improve general health, and give access to health facilities in the community. They are altruistic personalities working to eliminate health and safety issues within an establishment. The profession of public health nurse is a fast-growing field, getting widespread recognition in modern times. The job opportunities this field presents are abundant and varied.

So if you are looking for a job as public health nurse, then the followings are your best options for a prosperous career:

1. Community health centers

Community health centers are non-profit, community-controlled medical clinics. They primarily focus on providing health provisions and care to medically underserved and uninsured people. In community clinics, nurses can give affordable care to patients that don’t have the means to assess affluent medical facilities or expensive prescriptions. They can independently order tests and prescribe medicines. They can lead awareness campaigns on health issues like obesity or chronic conditions like diabetes. Thus, they can have a wholesome career that comprises caring and guiding the sick underprivileged with a generous income.

2. Public health mentor

International health organizations highly seek nurses that have a professional degree in nursing. These organizations aim to educate developing countries about deadly diseases. However, if you don’t have a master’s degree or want to change your profession, accredited online MSN programs can help you. You can effortlessly get advanced care and clinical learning required to become a nurse from such programs. Nurses can teach the population about signs and prevent diseases through these health awareness organizations and their campaigns. Schools, colleges, or community centers, and public forums organize seminars where they speak about different diseases like AIDS. Helping humanity to cope up with health issues and giving a satisfying and purposeful career.

3. Public health inspector

Do you like a job that has fieldwork and new challenges each day? For nurses with their background in medical health, this area is ideal if they prefer fieldwork. The position is demanding as they need to inspect workplaces to maintain health and safety measures regularly. They can maintain HACCP principles in food services to ensure the general public’s quality and manufacturing of food. They can aim to make restaurants, hotels, offices, or workplaces safe from a chemical outbreak, poisoning, and accidents. Most importantly, nurses can protect the population from infectious diseases.

4. Disaster expert

Nurses can find an important position in government and private institutions as disaster experts. They can structure proper calamity directives before and after responding to a natural disaster. They can prepare medical staff on how to deal with such situations with calm and professionalism. Guide the team regarding immediate health care actions that emergency like earthquake and flood requires. Nurses’ clinical learning provides that they also have experience dealing with human-made disasters. Thus, they can also train health professionals to handle catastrophic conditions after a bomb blast or fire.

5. Health researcher

Governments and international foundations have research institutes to find a cure for diseases plaguing society to have better living conditions. Nurses’ experiential learning and study of biological sciences give them the knowledge to become a researcher. They can employ their learning to conduct scientific experiments and medical tests to develop medicines and preventions of illness. There are thousands of diseases still cureless, and new diseases are also very frequently emerging. Due to this, the field of health research has great demand in the community.

6. Public health advisor

Nurses can adopt the role of a public health advisor within local or state government agencies. In this job, they have the vital responsibility of improving public health. They also give technical assistance, insights on financial support, and guidance in medical issues. They interview patients suffering infectious diseases, gather analytical data on inflicted people, make reports of their findings and contribute to policy initiatives. This field will see immense growth till 2028, with an upsurge of  14,100 jobs in the US.

7. Public health nutritionist

Suppose you want a career that positively impacts people’s lives and offers a good salary package. Then, you can think about becoming a public health nutritionist. Having a history of nursing along with nutrition is a strong base for a career in this field. A nurse as a public health nutritionist can cater to the diet and nutrition needs of the population. They can come to be official dieticians and detect the diet issues existing in a community. They can set meal charts that meet the nutritional needs keeping in mind the financial status and cuisine of a population. The healthy well-being of a population prevents disease outbreaks and diminishes certain illnesses.

Wrap up

Very few professions can give you chances of advancement in career, stability of a job and excellent salary, and a career that benefits and helps humanity. Nurses in public health achieve all these amenities as they exercise their expertise for better health care conditions in a population. Public nurses work on local, state, or federal levels of government to service the underprivileged communities with access to top-notch medical facilities. Thus, a nurse can have a meaningful career in any of the above areas of the public health sector.

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