Niemeyer’s Restaurant And Cafe Cabaret “Best In Town” Post Card May 1913

A wonderful turn of the century vintage postcard of Niemeyer’s Restaurant and Cafe cabaret showing the southeast corner 125th Street and Park Avenue in Harlem, New York in 1913.

Since early in Harlem history food culture has always been something that has of extreme importance.

On the bottom of the sepia-colored card reads (as a side note we thought it was interesting that the manager’s name was crossed out on both the front and back sides of the card):

Niemeyer’s Restaurant And Cafe – Cabaret from 6-1 (am), S. E. Cor. 125th Street and Park Avenue, New York City

The restaurant seems to have been elaborately decorated with ornamentation overhead from one side of the restaurant to the other with intertwined flowers and glass chandeliers. In true Harlem style, you can see the well-appointed tables with napkins, plates, chandeliers, and waiters dressed in black waiting on the left side for the photograph.

Introducing The Yosemite Classic & Little in Deep Ocean, Oat Donegal, & Tobacco.

The seating for four at each table of many, many guests each night, topped off with what looks like a wood or metal railings hanging atop the ceiling of the restaurant with flowers dangling from each archway.

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Someone names Arnold writes:

Are you still

alive I am still

above ground


As you can see, the message on the back of this antique post-card reads:

Niemeyer’s The one bright spot in Harlem Restaurant and Cabaret the best in town.

Phone Harlem 977

The postcard was produced by the Kraus Mfg. Co.

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