New York Leads The Way, A Note From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Fellow New Yorker,

At these stormy times of instability and confusion, New York must serve as a safe harbor for the progressive principles and social justice that made America.

Over the past six years, we’ve made unprecedented social and economic progress. Our unemployment rate is down from 8.4 percent to 4.9 percent, and our credit rating is the highest it has been in 60 years. We passed Marriage Equality, Paid Family Leave, and a $15 Minimum Wage, while implementing new regulations that will help ensure whatever happens on the federal level, women will have cost-free access to reproductive health services.

New York has led the way and we’re not stopping now. Join us to make New York a safe harbor for the progressive principles that made America.

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We’ve put forth an aggressive agenda for 2017, including a new economic program to build up and support the middle class, and a New York Promise agenda to protect and advance our progressive values and principles of social justice that are being challenged today.

Our Middle Class Recovery Act will make college more affordable, cut the cost of prescription drugs, double the child care tax credit, invest in our infrastructure and develop the largest offshore windfarm in the country.

Our New York Promise agenda will reform the criminal justice system and set a national standard for protections against all forms of discrimination.

Help New York lead the way by supporting our plan to raise up the middle class and advance our progressive values.

With your help, we will protect the social and economic progress we have made and we will push even harder. New York will lead the way and show this nation once again what it means to be American.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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