New Botanicals Changing Cannabis Perceptions & Proving Incredible Life Changing Results

CW Hemp, the most trusted hemp oil extract from Harlem to Harare – this is a game changer. Forget everything you think know about the cannabis movement and investigate serious science and the power of nature with this proven health and dietary supplement. Otherwise known as Charlotte’s Web, the company gained worldwide notoriety after greatly improving the quality of life of Charlotte Figi, a young girl who was diagnosed with a rare and resistant form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. She was placed on hospice care and given “do not resuscitate” order. Upon her first and all subsequent uses of Charlotte’s Web hemp extract, she’s been thriving, attending grade school and ninety-nine percent seizure free.

Charlotte’s success caught the attention of Dr. Sanjay Gupta who featured Charlotte’s story on his CNN documentary series and can be seen here.

Responsibly grown on US family farms, the non- GMO product contains a full-spectrum of cannabinoids and plant compounds that supports life-essential biological processes in the neurological, immune, nervous and the endocannabinoid systems. Its broad reach has shown to be helpful for issues like stress, sleeplessness, migraines, anxiety and more. The reviews are compelling. Cannabis is showing efficacy in many areas of health and wellness that can’t be ignored. No need to shoot for the moon when hemp is right here, on earth, grown in the soil. Check out this video on how the oil helped buzzfeed editor Kelsey Darragh here.

Founded by the seven Stanley Brothers, CW Hemp and the products they make are helping change the perception of the business of cannabis and the incredible life-changing results the products are delivering.

Their products are legal to buy in 50 states, in retailers and online without a doctor’s prescription:

  • The new Adaptogen in the Health and Wellness Space
  • The neuroprotector that you should be taking daily for optimal health
  • How seven brothers are changing the world for children with epilepsy
  • Medical Refugees no longer having to move to Colorado

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2014, signed by President Obama, the Stanley Brothers were able to launch their company through a pilot hemp program in Colorado, flourishing under supervision of Colorado’s Department of Agriculture.

Prior to the passing of the Farm Bill Act, Charolette’s dramatic change and the company’s notoriety brought a massive influx of patients and consumers to Colorado to access CW, creating a wait list for the product of over 14,000 people. With their inauguration of their facility in Boulder in 2014, the brothers were able to service all of those clients.

Although the branches on this family tree grow in different directions, the roots work as one, sturdy foundation. The Stanleys’ mission is simple – improve the quality of life of others. CW Hemp currently offers The CW Everyday line, The CW Simply Capsule line, CW Paws for pets, and a CW gel pen topical.

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