Nelson Mandela And The Harlem Love Affair

Nelson-MandelaSouth African president Nelson Mandela saying hello to a Harlem, N.Y., crowd seen in this in June, 1990 photograph during a rally.

The photograph was taken months before the nearly 15 hours of talks on Monday, August 6 1990 between an African National Congress delegation, led by Mr. Mandela, and the South African government, led by President Frederik de Klerk.

Sometime later, the ANC announced the immediate suspension of its nearly 30-year guerrilla war against white minority rule, after striking a deal with the government on the release of political prisoners.

ny-mandelaFifteen years later, president Nelson Mandela returned to Harlem with then mayor elect David Dinkins for a gathering at Riverside Church in west Harlem, N.Y. in 2005.

UPI Photo/Files/Source.

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