MTA Seeks Contractor For First Platform Safety Barriers From Harlem To Hollis

The Daily News reports that the MTA is looking for a contractor to design and build one of the subway’s first platform barriers, which are common in transit systems around the world. After studying potential locations and designs, MTA officials are suggesting an automated platform gate that’s 4 1/2 feet high on the L line’s Third Ave. station in Manhattan.

“The goal is to improve customer safety,” Steve Plochochi, an NYC Transit contract executive, said at Monday’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority board meeting. He said the barriers would prevent people from falling or leaping into the path of a train, as well as keep litter bugs from throwing fire-sparking trash onto the tracks.

MTA board member Charles Moerdler thanked agency officials for deciding to test the life-saving equipment after he’s been “screaming about platform doors” for years.

The 20-month contract will go to a single firm to design, build and maintain the platform barrier. Crews will build it while the station is closed for 15 months beginning in April 2019.

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