Motorcycle Safety Becomes A New Focus For Harlem

Motorcycle safety is a hot topic after beloved Harlem basketball coach, Floyd “Skip” Branch, lost control of his motorcycle in an accident which ended up claiming his life. The coach was well-known and a pillar of the community, which made the news of his death even more devastating. In an effort to provide a safer experience for bikers, it’s important that safety measures are top of mind when touring the streets of Harlem.

Create Distance For Safety 

One of the most prevalent issues motorcyclists face is rear-ending other vehicles. While speed is a major cause, it’s also learning how to read traffic situations. Advanced driving schools and motorcycle safety awareness projects alert riders and drivers of vehicles to be on the lookout for motorcycles. It’s also best to treat a motorcycle like you would a car in terms of distance, this means allowing the motorcycle enough space and not sharing the lane. This allows for more time to make spur-of-the-moment decisions, such as bad traffic situations.

Visibility Is Top Of Mind

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One of the most important factors of riding a motorcycle is being visible enough for other motorists and pedestrians to see you. If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, you may want to consider a brightly colored option, reflective tape, visible riding gear, and proper lighting. Riders are recommended to ensure that they’ve been seen by motorists before passing, and only passing legally to avoid unnecessary road traffic incidents. Rather be safe than take a chance, as traffic and road situations can change at a moment’s notice.

Don’t Cut Corners 

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Serious injuries and even fatalities can occur when you get onto a motorcycle while ill-equipped. A police officer in Harlem made headlines a few months ago when he decided to ride a confiscated dirk bike back to the precinct. Not only did he look uncomfortable on the bike, but he also wasn’t wearing a helmet. When you’re on a motorcycle, even if your destination is just a short distance away, safety always comes first. The owner of the dirt bike abandoned it after being chased for riding recklessly, which led to the police officer unwittingly doing the same thing, even if not quite on the bike owner’s level.

A motorcycle can be the ultimate mode of transport, whether you’re gracefully nipping through bottlenecking traffic or taking to the open road. But a pleasant trip is a safe trip, and taking on unnecessary risks could have dire consequences.

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