‘Mornin’ Fast Train From Memphis To Harlem,’ Miles Davis, 1969 (Video)


miles-davis-from-memhis-to-harlem1Miles Davis playing in Miles mode. Not sure of the Memphis to Harlem connection in the song, but we know he played at Cecil And Minton’s Harlem, around the corner from the Lenox Lounge and he was married to actress and Harlemite Cicely Tyson in the early 1980’s.

Here’s a Listen to This: Miles Davis and Bitches Brew by Victor Svorinich:

miles-davis-music-in-harlemWord is that part of the base recording on November 27, 1968 came from the album In A Silent Way was subsequently assembled.

Here’s the rather abstract (like his jacket in the video cover) recording below of ‘Mornin’ Fast Train From Memphis To Harlem’:

Via Youtube.com

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