Modern Students And Technology – The Advantages And Disadvantages Today

September 18, 2019

Today, the development of society is in parallel with informatization. This is reflected in all spheres of life and professional activity of people. Computerization of the community in modern conditions provides for the mandatory use of computers in higher education, which is designed to ensure computer literacy and the information culture of students.

The Main Pros and Cons for Students by Using Modern Technology

Improving the effectiveness of students’ cognitive activity through the use of new information technologies in the educational process largely depends on the teacher’s initiative position at each stage of training. The characteristics of this position are: the desire for problem-based learning, to engage in dialogue with the student, to substantiate views, a high level of pedagogical thinking, and the ability to self-evaluate their teaching activities.

An important factor is the selection of material, the preparation of tasks, the design of educational and pedagogical tasks, taking into account the individual psychological and age characteristics of the students.

The Advantages

1. Online Education is a Thing

Thanks to the Internet, virtually any information has become available. Online training allows you to attend courses of the best universities in the world for free or for little money. And a couple of years ago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology posted all its materials in the public domain on the site. Given that studying at this university costs more than $ 40,000 a year, you should thank modern technology for such a gift.

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2. Boost for Languages

The level of English among young people has grown significantly in recent years. And not the last role here was played by enthusiasm for Western series and videos. The availability of information from around the world has a positive effect on the understanding of foreign languages. Besides, it is now quite easy to find a native speaker tutor from anywhere in the world.

3. Communication between Expert Communities

You can find the answer to any question on a study in specialized forums. There are communities of mathematicians, programmers, and even gamers. Thus, through various sites, discussions, and communities, you can get into the environment of professionals and learn from them. Also, you can take part in solving non-standard tasks, competing with colleagues, and thereby increasing your professionalism. Moreover, you can ask professionals for additional help. For example, help me write my research paper is one of the popular trends for students online.

The Disadvantages

1. Google and Find Answers Instead of Solve Them

As you know, everything has already been done before us. But the learning process consists of solving new problems for humans. Naturally, no one begins the study of mathematics with a solution to the Goldbach problem. First, you have to solve problems that have already been answered a million times by other people. Often these solutions can be found online. This discourages the desire to do something on their own, and, therefore, blocks the learning process. The ability to find a ready-made answer relaxes and turns the creative process of finding a solution into endless web surfing.

2. Memory impairment

Some experts outline several issues when it comes to the discussion of how does technology help students. Many psychologists note memory impairment in modern people. The ability to “google” anything, kills the desire to remember something. However, without memorization, the learning process is impossible. Younger students often do not understand why they need to learn the multiplication table if you can peek. They still do not realize that they will have to peep all their lives, so it’s easier and faster to learn.

3. The Inability to Focus

Any student knows: as soon as you need to prepare for the session, you immediately want to watch all the new series, play video games, find out what is happening in the world, or read about Maya civilization. As a result, all preparation is reduced to clicking on the links. It’s easy to lose a sense of reality on the Internet. As a result, instead of productive training, we swallow the hook of advertisers, turning into Internet-dependent zombies.


Good or bad modern technology, we can no longer abandon them. It is unlikely that you will ask a friend to write to you in the evening by pigeon mail. We have to live in modern realities and adapt to them. But sometimes you should forget your mobile at home or even turn off the Internet.

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