Mlle. La-Pisch Wants You At The Apollo Burlesque In Harlem

Apollo burlesqu with Mille la pischParis in Harlem burlesque show featured Madmoselle La-Pisch at Hurtig & Seamon’s Apollo Burlesque at 253 West 125th Street and 8th Avenue, 1930’s.

There seem to have been an ongoing Paris In Harlem show from about 1913 – 1928’s before the Apollo was closed in the 1930’s we think  this was Mlle. La-Pisch personal ad  card that reads:

Mlle. La-Pisch Wants to see you at the Apollo Burleque 125th St & 8th Ave Paris in Harlem

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As the book Big Bands and Great Ballrooms by Jack Behrens said:

apollo brueslque

Though it catered to an white crowd at the time the Apollo Burlesque featured acts from Madmoselle Fifi from Philadelphia to Count Basie performed there as many others did before the Harlem Renaissance (Source).

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