Micro-Unit Buildings, Coming To A Harlem Lot Near You (video)

micro home.jpgSomething is happening in New York City, last month, we wrote about Micro Apartments Are On There Way To Harlem, and it was only a few weeks ago that nArchitects unveiled a video (below) showing off the units at the firm’s micro-units at 335 East 27th Street, better known as the My Micro NY building.

Here’s the video:

But this week, curious onlookers got a better look at the building: New York magazine’s Wendy Goodman took a tour of the prefabricated structure’s model unit, a 302-square-foot studio. Granted, it’s no 90-square-foot apartment, but it is impressive how much can fit into one of the downsized spaces—the view of the kitchen above, for example, shows a table (by Resource Furniture) that also functions as a desk, but doesn’t overwhelm the apartment in either configuration.

Cameron Blaylock and Mekko Harjo.jpg

The designers at nArchitects employed other tricks to create the illusion of more space:

  • The ceilings, for example, are nearly ten feet high
  • There are floor-to-ceiling windows in all of the units
  • The walls have built-in storage space, and
  • A Resource Furniture wall bed is used to create more of a footprint.

“What is surprising is how big it all feels,” nArchitects principal Eric Bunge said. “Everyone goes into this with certain references in their minds, and I think that this is the bombshell that explodes a lot of those references.”

Can this work in Harlem?

Photo credit: 1) by Cameron Blaylock and Mekko Harjo for New York Magazine. 2) by Cameron Blaylock and Mekko Harjo for New York Magazine.

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