Mayor de Blasio Announces ‘Charter School Vaccine Blitz’ Following Zeta Charter Schools Advocacy

Emily A. Kim, Founder and CEO of Zeta Charter Schools – a high-performing charter school network serving pre-K through 4th grade across five campuses in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan.

Issued a statement today in response to Mayor de Blasio announcing a “charter schools vaccine blitz” and approving Zeta’s request to host a vaccine clinic for kids ages 5-11. The city’s announcement follows Zeta’s letter to Mayor de Blasio last week, which called for equitable distribution of COVID vaccines for kids ages 5-11. Zeta had initially been denied multiple requests to establish a vaccine clinic at their schools, and had called upon the Mayor to ensure students and families in NYC’s most vulnerable communities would have access to life-saving vaccines.

“This is great news: access to the vaccine for our kids will save lives and will help our communities and our city get one step closer to life beyond Covid,” said Emily A. Kim. “We thank Mayor de Blasio for his willingness to correct course and are grateful to our representatives like Congressman Ritchie Torres who have been fighting for equitable treatment and access for students across the five boroughs. We have mobilized our staff and look forward to working with the City to set up clinics on Zeta’s school campuses so our students can receive their shots and families can be reassured that their kids are safe and protected in their classrooms.”

Zeta has been a leader in vaccination efforts, and their elementary schools were the first in the City to reopen their doors in person, full time during the pandemic. Since the start of the new school year, there have been zero cases of school-based spread in Zeta schools and zero classroom shutdowns.

Zeta Charter Schools

Zeta Charter Schools’ mission is to build and sustain high-performing schools with an innovative, whole-child approach that prepares students for participation and leadership in the modern world economy. Zeta’s commitment starts with a foundation of world-class academics including science every day. Our whole-child approach focuses on social-emotional learning, a mindfulness program, and a wide variety of enrichment activities, including Zeta Innovation Lab, Art, Chess, Dance, Soccer, Taekwondo, Sports, Music, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Choir.

Zeta currently operates five schools in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, offering Pre-K through 4th grade, and, in 2022-22, will also offer 5th grade. Each Zeta school will grow to serve students in Pre-K through 12th grade. 

For more information about Zeta, visit

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