Maya Angelou Cancels Event Due To Health Problems

mayaangelouFew people have a public voice that resonates like that of Harlem resident Maya Angelou.  She has been loved for many decades, and when Father Time catches up with our heroes, we end up hurting.  Maya is now 86 years old, and with age comes the onset of physical complications.

The Associated Press is reporting that Maya had to cancel a recent event due to health concerns.  The 2014 MLB Beacons Luncheon was set to honor the famed poet, but announced that she could not make it.   The announcement was made by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball and was going to occur right before the annual Civil Rights game to be played in Houston on May 30th.

This is the second event in recent months that Angelou has had to cancel.  Last month, she was going to appear in Fayetteville, Arkansa, but had to miss because an “unexpected ailment” sent her to the hospital.   The person to replace Angelou at the MLB event is Robin Roberts from Good Morning America.

The event isn’t going to just honor Angelou.  It is also set to honor Berry Gorder and Jim Brown.

Angelou released a statement claiming that she is appreciative of being recognized by the MLB at such an important event.  She also chose not to disclose the nature of her illness.

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Harlem World Magazine wishes Ms. Angelou the best (source).

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