Mattress Shopping: How To Find The Right One From Harlem To Hollywood

August 9, 2021

I guess lots of people may agree when someone says that shopping is not that easy, especially if you’re looking for a home mattress. There are many types, sizes, colors, and more, making you confused while searching.

Deciding to let go of the old mattress that’s been with you may be a bit overwhelming, but getting a new one could help you get better sleep at night only if you have the right one! Besides, every mattress shopper who struggles in choosing needs a little positive guide!

So, what makes something the “right one?” There are lots of aspects you have to put into consideration. Good thing, we have narrowed down the most common shopping questions for every mattress shopper. To guide you, below are five simple questions you could ask yourself in finding the right one for you in no time!

Who Will Be Sleeping on the Mattress?

Asking yourself this question is very important as this will guide you into knowing how big your new mattress should be. Consider getting a king-size mattress if there will be two adults who will share the bed. Another good choice would be a queen-size mattress, as this also gives enough space for two people to fit.

On the contrary, if there will be pets and children that you share a bed with, the best mattress to consider is a family bed. This can accommodate lots of people and provide a good amount of space for each sleeper. Lastly, do not forget to know the measurements of the mattress and the area you will place it into so that the place wouldn’t feel too crowded.

What Is My Ideal Mattress Type?

your ideal type means knowing what’s perfect for you to use in all aspects. This includes the firmness, the materials used, and even the structure. Mattresses found in various online shops will appear great, looking like the best online mattress you could ever get. Still, they are all designed differently to match different sleeping positions, which will be discussed further below. Some of the common mattress types you’ll see are as follows:

Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress is designed to help relieve pressure relief and give adequate support to the body. Also, it’s a good bed for people who share a bed with someone because it has a low motion transfer, meaning movement from one part of the mattress will not transfer that much on the other.

Innerspring Mattresses

You may be familiar with innerspring mattresses as they are considered one of the oldest beds in the industry. This type of mattress uses springs or even coils to provide a wide range of comfort options. However, having it may not be good for people who’re looking for a softer mattress. It’s also widely available everywhere, and there are also affordable ones.

Why Is It Important to Match Your Mattress With Your Sleeping Position?

Not all mattresses will feel comfortable for everyone. This is why mattresses are also designed differently from one another. Knowing your sleeping position allows you to know better which mattress is for you. So, identify which kind of sleeper you are either a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and more.

If you usually sleep on your back, getting a mattress with a good firmness level would be a great choice. Not only that, it could provide support, but it will also prevent you from having that sinking feeling in bed. In contrast, for side sleepers, a softer one is a great way to provide your body good support and lessen the chances of experiencing muscle pain from the pressure of sleeping at one side.

Where Can I Find the Best Mattress?

Other than the traditional way of going to physical stores to shop, you can even go mattress shopping online! In that way, you could still see the products being sold but only through your smartphones or laptops. You can skip the long traffic, car rides, and even dressing up to look presentable to a large crowd. You can relax on your sofa and scroll through various reliable shops out there and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Do I Need to Prepare a Huge Budget?

The answer is a big yes. Getting a new mattress is not cheap. Mattresses are usually priced higher since these items are usually bought for long-term use, and the manufacturing of each mattress went through detailed processes.

Although there are types of mattresses that are budget-friendly, you’ll never know if that kind of mattress will feel good for you when you lie on it. There could also be costly mattresses, but they serve the purpose of giving you a good night’s sleep at night.


When you ask yourself these five questions, always keep in mind that you must put your personal preferences in your choosing. No one else can know the “right one” for you, other than yourself. Although it helps to ask people for help, it is still only you who would know which bed feels right. Also, take your time looking for a mattress and avoid being impulsive. If it helps, have time to think about all your choices.

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