Marketing Reports – Daily, Weekly, And Monthly With Templates And Examples

November 18, 2020

It no secret that the main criterion for the effectiveness of the marketing process is the expansion of the consumer market and an increase in the volume of sales. Using digital data to monitor this information will not only allow you to be aware of the current situation but also successfully carry out further business planning. Marketing report templates and examples are an efficient instruments for solving such tasks.

But any monitoring is effective only if the visual graphical or tabular information on the dashboards includes the required KPIs.

The development of a panel for tracking the progress of marketing activities can be carried out in different ways, depending on both the magnitude of the organization and the specifics of its business activities. For example, MSExcel, GA and ETL are most often used by small organizations. Major of them prefer automatic unrefined facts collection and follow-up supported by Power BI and Tableau.

An indispensable condition in this way is the joint use of branches which visualize information and those that collect, clean and mix unrefined facts, let us say – OWOX BI.

Next, we invite you to consider patterns of various accounts. This information can be used by marketing professionals to improve their work.

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Information on sales records

Sales records is nothing more than a part of content within a certain demonstrative option, allowing you to react quickly using earlier metrics.

The conditions for generating the report are as follows:

  • Information about sales research should be assembled and structured;
  • Measurement methods have be established;
  • Periodic updates and conformity of information should be ensured;
  • Patterns of records relating on market doings should be created using the specified service.

Categories on sales records

Many specialists faced “burning” situations, when there is not enough time for records completion. And this can apply to different categories of records beginning from diurnal and ending anniversary and ·records of the request.

Almost all categories of records, with the exception of records of the request, are generated as dashboards. And only when generating records of the request, preference is given to tables.

From the above, the following conclusion can be made – the various requirements for reports imply a high degree of readiness for their formation.

Certainly, any reporting activity should first start with identifying those metrics that have a business`s value to you.

And then OWOX BIPipeline will come to your aid. At the same time, it will not be difficult to compile and process your own information, information from third-party sources, documented information, tabular facts, commercial impressions, etc.

Ad records during year

Ad records during year on marketing strategy which are formed as a dashboards are the results what both top management want to see.

Similar records are important, among other things, because they contain information regarding to the marketing service generic efficacy, the developed long-term plans and targets for the stage under review.
In addition, dashboards with long-term plans of selling permit to see  the indicators themselves, and also their dynamics in comparison with the planned goals and previous achievements.

Monthly marketing reports

Monthly reports are very important because they are not too general (like annual reports), but not overly local (like weekly records).

A dashboard with reports over a term of several weeks permits you to demonstrate the number of leads, and also the level of their quality.

At the same time too significant thing is – all information is tied on specifically your key plans and indicators.

Ad records during week

Sale and ad professionals are familiar with that it is very important to track information throughout the week, since each week directly determines the results for the month. This approach allows you to grow into global ones plan and develop solutions based on weekly positive or negative dynamics. And of course dashboards or prepared patterns are the necessary tool here so as in other records.

Diurnal ad records

Diurnal records are the basis of mobile decision making. They permit to quickly respond to current problems, not allowing them to reach the level of large-scale problems.
Certainly, 24 hours are unlikely to significantly influence to final outcomes, but tracking the situation in a short period permit to constantly “keep hand on the pulse” of ad and sale actions.

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