Marimekko For Target Is The Stuff Of Summer Daydreams

target in harlem

During summers in Finland, the sun stays out until close to midnight and the days revolve around hanging with family and friends. Sounds pretty good right about now, huh?

Well, here’s the next best thing to a plane ticket and a time machine: Finnish brand Marimekko is teaming up with Target on a line of clothing, home goods and outdoor sporting equipment inspired by Finnish summers.

The colorful goodies will debut on April 17, 2016 in Target stores ( especially at the Target  store in East Harlem) and on The collection will feature nearly 200 items, which will range in price from $7.99 to $499.99.


Look out for swimwear, furniture and entertaining essentials bearing the brand’s signature cheerful prints, designed by Maija Isola to conjure feelings of “eternal summer.”

While Targets many successful design collaborations have focused mainly on clothing and home products, the Marimekko line will also include outdoor items like hammmocks, parachutes, and paddleboards.

Consider our warm-weather daydreams fueled. Now, if someone could just make that time machine happen…

Via Today

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