Manhattan BP Levine Issues Statement on Supreme Court Decision On NYS Gun Laws

In response to today’s ruling by the Supreme Court to overturn established New York State laws concerning firearm licenses, Manhattan Borough President Mark D. Levine issued the following statement:

“The Supreme Court has issued a reckless and dangerous decision in the case of NYRPA v. Bruen. This ruling will directly undermine public safety in New York City at a moment when we are battling an ongoing epidemic of gun violence,” said Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. “New York must use every legislative and policy means at our disposal to protect our people in the wake of this ruling.

“We simply can not allow our public spaces to be flooded with unlicensed handguns. We can not allow a collapse of prosecutions against gun crimes. We can not allow the public to live in fear of a dramatic increase in the presence of guns on the streets, subways, theaters, stores, and parks of our city.

“This is a moment to rally the public, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials in New York towards a singular goal: mitigating the impact of this disastrous Supreme Court ruling.”

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