Manhattan B.P. Gale A. Brewer Announces Formation Of Manhattan Vaccine Task Force

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer today announced the formation of the Manhattan Vaccine Task Force (MVTF).

The Task Force is composed of community-based organizations, volunteer groups, elected officials and Community Board chairs, and other stakeholders from across the borough which have on-the-ground knowledge of all of Manhattan’s communities.

Representatives from the City and State have been invited to participate.

The MVTF is part of Brewer’s ongoing commitment to ensure that Manhattan recovers from the coronavirus pandemic through better availability and adoption of COVID-19 vaccines.

Modeled after her Complete Count Committee formed in 2019 to improve the response rate to the 2020 Census, the MVTF is meant to improve local implementation of and increase health equity within, the City and State’s vaccination efforts.

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“I think everyone can agree that execution of the vaccine has been, start to finish, woefully inadequate,” B.P. Brewer said. “I hope getting everyone in one virtual place can improve the results– especially now that we are in this unintended pause.”

recent survey by the Association for a Better New York found that 71% of Manhattanites polled said they would get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible– but that 9% were not sure if they were taking it and 3% said they would not take it at all.

“One of the most important aspects of this effort must be to encourage vaccine adoption. The extraordinary effectiveness of these vaccines is something to be celebrated; the sooner we can reach a critical mass of the vaccinated, the sooner Manhattan– and all of New York City— can get back to as close to business as usual as we can get, with curtains lifted on our stages, reservation books open at our world-class and neighborhood restaurants, and schools and offices that can finally swing their doors wide open,” Brewer said.

Meetings of the Manhattan Vaccine Task Force will be held weekly beginning today.

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