Man Who Lives In Harlem Dies While Skydiving In Hudson Valley, NY Police Say

A man who died while skydiving in Ulster County in New York’s Hudson Valley was a Harlem resident, state police confirmed Tuesday.

William McCartin, 40, died Sunday when he landed without a parachute in the parking lot of the Gardiner, New York Fire Department after jumping out of a plane, according to state police. McCartin lived on Harlem’s West 154th Street reports Patch.

The Harlem man arranged his skydiving trip with the Skydive the Ranch center in Gardiner, police said. McCartin was last seen jumping from the company’s plane at 14,000 feet while wearing a parachute, but the equipment has yet to be found.

State police are asking anyone who finds the missing parachute to not touch the equipment and call the police.

McCartin completed more than 220 skydiving jumps before his death on Sunday, the Times Herald-Record reported.

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If someone locates the parachute, they are asked not to touch it and to call State Police at the Highland barracks immediately at 691-2922.

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