Man Takes Deadly Jump From Harlem Overpass Over Fairway Market

overpass2n-4-webA man took a fatal plunge from an overpass and landed in the parking lot of the Fairway Market in Harlem on Tuesday afternoon, according to police and witnesses.

Police believe the man jumped from the overpass by 131st Street and 12th Avenue just after 4:45 p.m., cops said.

“We’re all loading up the van, getting our groceries ready for delivery and all of a sudden we hear a loud boom,” said David Alvarez, 38, a deliveryman at Fairway. “Then there’s a dude on the bridge yelling, ‘He jumped!’ and asking if we saw him down there.”

Alvarez said he got close to the man to see if he survived.

“I think he took two big breaths and then you didn’t see him breathing anymore,” he said.

The man died at the scene, officials said.

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