Make Your Home Eco-Friendly With These 10 Tips

November 30, 2022

Do you want to convert your house into an eco-friendly space?

Are you looking for some ways you can go green in your home? That’s easy! You just need to be mindful while doing your regular stuff. In addition to that, changing some of the minor things in your household items can make you eco-friendly. Here are some easy steps to help you go green in your house!

  1. Use of Energy-Efficient Lighting

If you want your home to be an eco-friendly space, then the first thing you can do is change the lighting. Get some CFL or LED lights. They are the best lights that give efficient lighting with the right energy usage. The traditional bulbs are a bad investment as they wear off fast, consume 99% of the energy, and give out a huge amount of heat. So invest in the lighting wisely.

  1. Reduce Plastic Usage

The change starts with you. When you minimize or stop plastic usage in your home, you put a step closer to eco-friendly. First, remove all the plastic products in your house. Then, the next time you get something from the shop, take your bag or choose a paper bag over a plastic one. If you can, completely stop using plastic and replace those items with paper materials.

  1. Use Natural Home Cleaner

Cleaning your house can be done without using harmful chemicals. Natural ingredients can help you shine on the floor and in other household areas. Use vinegar, lemon juice, and vinegar to clean things.

  1. Wash your Cloth in Cold Water

Most washing machines use a huge amount of electricity to heat the water. Instead of doing this and wasting energy, you can clean in cold water. It will minimize carbon emissions, and at the same time, your clothes will last much longer than usual.

  1. Skip the Dryer

The dryer looks extremely useful at an individual level but is useless when you see the big picture. Investment in a dryer will be a waste of money and energy. Sometimes due to dryer the quality of your clothes also decreases. It is best to use the sun as the natural dryer of your clothes.

  1. Recycle And Reuse

Recycling and reuse are among the most important factors when saving the environment and going eco-friendly.

Start with a small thing and reuse it. For example, if you have a plastic bag, you can use it for wrapping things or making DIY stuff with it for storing things. Think creatively and start using the stuff that you think can be recycled.

  1. Invest In Bamboos

Bamboo’s a great option to invest in instead of wooden materials. If you want your house to be eco-friendly, go for bamboo-made furniture. They are equally beautiful and strong.

  1. Watch Your Water Usage

Saving water is one of the greatest contributions to mother nature. This wise step will make your house an eco-friendly space. So be a bit mindful the next time you go to your bathroom or use the running tap. While doing our daily activities, you can take small steps that will make a significant impact.

Ensure you don’t forget to close the tap after use, and don’t forget to fix the leaking taps.

  1. Go For Lower Energy Appliances

Getting appliances that consume a bit less electricity is a great option. To be an eco-friendly home, you need devices that have electricity-saving modes. These will give you quality performance at a very low energy consumption rate.

  1. Save Electricity

To make your house eco-friendly, you can just put the switch off. The more you save electrical energy, the greater your contribution towards saving the earth. Switch off the lights and fan after you leave the room. Ensure you pull out the plug after you have used the appliances.

As an alternative, opt for solar energy, it is a renewable source, and it will provide you with ample electricity. Volt Solar Tiles are some rooftop tiles that trap solar energy that can be used in your home.


Going environmentally friendly in your house is not a tough task. You need to take some simple and mindful steps. Points, as mentioned earlier, are some ideas that you can go for to make your house an eco-friendly place. You can also go for some more ideas, like having a garden in your backyard or using steel straws instead of plastic ones. These small steps will help you get closer to being eco-friendly.

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