Make Your Cocktail Comfortable: A Style Guide For Girls And Women

January 24, 2024

Are you about to cancel an invitation to a cocktail event just because you are irked by the dress code? Knowing what is right for a cocktail party is tough.

How do you know if your dress is formal enough but not too formal? It is challenging, we agree!

And most girls and women often go for outfits that lie nowhere near their comfort zone. You might wear a skimpy outfit just because your girlfriend suggested it. Or choose a dress that is so far from being modest.

Here’s great advice for you, “your cocktail party dress has to be comfortable for you!” But what good would the advice be if we don’t help you find comfort in the dress code for the parties?

So here are some ways to help you make your cocktail outfits chic and comfortable.

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Know What’s Comfortable For You

The perfect outfit means comfort. If you are okay with wearing a mini dress with cut-out details without adjusting your dress after every minute, nothing should stop you from wearing it. On the other hand, if you find convenience in knee-length clothes, your call should be to wear comfortable cocktail dresses, not the ones that you find skimpy.

Choose outfits with appropriate necklines, hemlines, and skirt lengths for you. Confused about what really is suitable? Ask yourself: Would I want to wear it before my boss? You there have your answer!

Choose Appropriate Outfits

Imagine all the pretty ladies adorned in mesmerizing outfits, and you are comfortable because of your pair of pajamas. But are you really comfortable in this situation? It is obvious that it is not comfortable for you. So, the key here is to not be undressed or overdressed.

Leave your pajamas for the bedroom, trousers for casual day-outs, formal wear for office parties, and gowns for sophisticated events. Additionally, the flare in your dress also determines whether it is right for such an event or not. If you have dresses with too much flare, keep them reserved for prom nights.

The Right Bags Make a Difference

The bags you carry to a party are to accessorize your party look and rarely to keep a handful of your things. You only need bags to keep your phone, money (maybe makeup essentials), and to make your appearance more attractive.

  • Remember, your office bags, tote bags, and oversized bags are best kept at home, not at the party.

Clutch bags and handbags are best for completing your cocktail party dresses. If you are not yet sure of what you should take to your next event, trust us and carry a metallic, beaded, or rhinestone clutch.

Sandals: What Works and What Doesn’t

Another mistake you might make is not to wear the right footwear. Let your overall look be chic and sophisticated. For this, leave your flip-flops whenever you are going out for strolls. In addition to this, some other footwear options to avoid are boots, sneakers (sneaker lovers, don’t hate us here), flat sandals, and gladiators (unless you have a really cool cocktail outfit inspiration).

If you are unsure what you should wear to a cocktail party, here are a few tips for your look to be flawless.

  • Find the right footwear for a memorable night at your party. Some great options include pumps, peep toes, strappy heels, stilettos, wedges, and platform heels.
  • The hemline and skirt length will also dictate what choice will best complement your attire.
  • Find a pair of heels with the right color that either creates contrast or accentuates your overall look.
  • If your cocktail attire has embellishments like embroidery, lace appliques, ruffles, or rhinestone accents, it is best to let your dress be the highlight. Choose minimal heels that don’t steal the spotlight from your dress.

The Undergarment Guide

Cocktail attires are usually chosen from a chic collection. This means they are usually sensual, be it a backless, high-slit, or plunging V-neckline outfit. We know you want a perfect look, but here comes a hurdle: not knowing the right undergarment with your chic dresses for cocktail parties.

Know that the right undergarment will be based on your outfit. For instance, a seamless panty with body shapewear is best for a bodycon short dress. On the other hand, stick-on bras will be your savior if you go with a backless one.

Choose briefs with a breathable fabric that makes them comfortable for the event. In addition, never compromise on quality and perfect fit. For party outfits, thongs also make a total game-changer, providing almost no visibility.

Wrap-Up: Bring Comfort with Your Cocktail Outfit

Finding the right dress can be a challenge. Among so many choices and fashion inspirations, you likely end up opting for dresses that are not comfortable. Stop scratching your heads here, ladies!

Choose comfortable cocktail party dresses that bring comfort to you and don’t feel too skimpy. In addition, pairing the attire with the right undergarments, bags, and footwear brings confidence, making you feel the trendsetter in a comfortable fit.

With our tips, say yes to your next cocktail event with no doubt and steal the show with elegance! 

Photo credit: HMW

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