Harlem’s Ma$e Bans His Ex-Wife From Preaching At His Church

mase-and-twyla-bethaHarlem man Ma$e has permanently banned his wife from preaching in his Atlanta, Georgia -based Church.

According to TMZ reports:

Rapper/pastor Ma$e believes his wife is such an embarrassment to their church, he’s banished her from the pulpit … and it all has to do with hitting the bottle.

Ma$e is now blocking Twyla Betha from spreading the gospel on their pulpit … all because she was busted for DUI and pled guilty last month. She blew a .14 … nearly twice the legal limit.

Ma$e apparently thinks drunk driving is blasphemy … so he told Twyla to get flocked. And, we’re told the church elders and parishioners think Twyla is a hypocrite because she preached that drunkenness is a sin … which she committed, so they’re down with the ban.

Ma$e filed for divorce in January … we’re told the drunk driving incident was the last straw for him (source).

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