Macy’s Fashion Forward Prom Dress Picks 2018 (Photographs)

Here’s a curated selection of Macy’s Prom Dresses for Harlem mom and dads for their young daughters to choose from the glam silhouettes to flirty embles.

Showcase her unique style this prom season with head-turning dresses that incorporate ornate beadwork, unique textures and unexpected colors. These dresses are perfect for any girl who wants to dress outside the box and wow the crowd. She will feel as if she’s stepped right off the red carpet in her fashion forward look. Below are a few of our favorite hi-glam styles for you to choose from.

And she had better come home on time!

Check them out Macy’s at 151 West 34th Street, NYC, and see more style at

Photo credit: 1) Say Yes to the Prom Off-the-shoulder Pearl Bottom Dress. 2) Speechless Allover Embroidered Dress. 3) City Studios Printed Floral Strapless Dress. 4) Blondie Nites Sequin Top with Corset Back. 5) Blondie Nites Ballgown with Cut-out Sides From Emily Hawkins, Macy’s NE Media Team.
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