Lupe Fiasco Writing “Afro-Futurist” Novel About Neo-Harlem Detective on Twitter

120313-music-lupe-fiasco Eff hashtags and reewtets, Lupe Fiasco is writing a book on his Twitter time line, publishing it one chapter at a time.

Teriyaki Joe: Neo-Harlem Detective is an Afro-Futurist novel that will be written entirely on Twitter,” he explained. “… It will run for the next couple of months with breaks in between for album promotion etc.”

The first chapter, titled “Grits,” opens with a graphic scene, a quick flash-forward, and a description of Neo-Harlem as “That slow burn, then that inferno.” The second chapter is called “Coffee,” the third, “Gravy.”

Lupe’s account — with his 1.3 million-plus followers — is currently set to private.


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