Looking For A Side Hustle? Here Are Some Gigs To Try

August 11, 2021

In recent years, meeting daily expenses has become an arduous affair for many people. Apart from just having bills to pay, it gets scarier if you have a family to care for, a mortgage to clear, and a long list of other financial responsibilities. If you feel the pinch, you are not alone. In such situations, many people resort to seeking a side job to earn more income.

Well, if this sounds anything like you, you’re looking at the page. But it isn’t unusual to have a blank mind on side hustles you can take up to earn some extra pennies and absorb the overwhelming expenses. But worry not. Let’s walk together and explore a few side gigs you could try?

1. Take Advantage of Shop-Along 

Unlike in the past when reviews and testimonials were heavily relied upon, most of today’s businesses want more reliable information about their products and services. Many companies utilize shop-along surveys as a marketing tactic to improve competitiveness. They want to understand customer behavior better and gain more insight into how consumers make their purchase decisions. Participating in these surveys can be a great way to earn extra revenue.

2. Babysitting

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If you love kids, babysitting can be a perfect side gig for you. You can start by babysitting for a close family member or a friend. If you have been struggling to raise tuition fees, take a babysitting job this summer holiday when schools close, and you could be surprised at how much you make by the time school reopens.

3. Selling Art

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place, wondering how you pay those staggering bills? Having a side hustle can fortify your income and help you absorb those bills at ease. Think smart and take your drawing job as a possible source of income. Don’t just keep your art pieces in the house for decoration. Sell them to friends or on different online platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and the like. If you are a good artist, you bet they will sell like hot cake in no time.

4. Baking

Baking is enjoyable. It can be an excellent side gig for stay home mums. If you love baking, you can take your baking to the next level by making some unique cakes for sale. Start baking small and progress as orders come. For you to stand out, your cakes, cookies, cupcakes should have a twist.

Don’t just bake ordinary cakes. This will give you an advantageous edge against all other bakers and keep your customers coming back. Tell your friends and loved ones about your side hustle, and the various baked goods you will be providing.  

5. Delivering Groceries

Who does not like making extra bucks? This is a common denominator among the poor and the rich. You can also provide services for buying and delivering groceries in your neighborhood.

Groceries are a must-have commodity in every kitchen. Unfortunately, most people hardly get time to visit the grocery store for fresh produce daily. Others prefer staying indoors out of the unforgiving wrath of the Covid 19 outbreak. Delivering groceries for your neighbors can expand your wallet.

6. Become a Personal Shopper

The majority of folks hardly get time to do shopping out of their super busy schedules. Well, you can take advantage of that and become a personal shopper. If you live in an urban setting, you sit on an advantaged edge. 

There is high demand for personal shopping services. For you to be a good shopper, you need to have a sense of style. If a customer sends for clothing or accessories, he expects you to have excellent skills of bargain and taste. Visit different sites for leads so you don’t dissapoint.

7. Start a Food Track

Eating is naturally embedded in every being. People are always out and about looking for something to munch on as they run their errands. Starting a food truck business is one cool idea that you can take on as a side hustle. All you need to do is to ensure you satisfy your customer’s taste buds. Your meals should be tantalizing and yummy to lure the masses.

There is no way we can fight the cost of living in today’s 21st century. We must dance to the tune to survive. With a bit of planning, however, you can earn a few bucks extra on top of what you already make. Hopefully, the above few ideas will inspire your creativity.  

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