Lil Knickelson And Eartha Watts-Hicks Talk The Best Of Harlem On The Danny Tisdale Show (Audio)

Listen to Harlem author of Love Changes and Editor-in-Chief of Harlem World Magazine, Eartha Watts-Hicks and chef and food writer for Harlem World Magazine Lil Nickelson talk the best of Harlem with host Danny Tisdale, The Danny Tisdale Show.

Today, Lil and Eartha talked about the best in books and food from last month to what to look out for in September, and our upcoming Harlem World Talks event with Flo Anthony on September 26, 6-8 pm, and more in Harlem.

Listen to the show below:

All on this week’s edition of The Danny Tisdale Show; taped Saturday mornings hosted by businessman, award winning visual artist and former Harlem Community Board #10 member Danny Tisdale.

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